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treadswater: (what if i'm a mermaid)

for whatever we lose (like a you or a me)

it's always ourselves we find in the sea

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Name:Annie Cresta | Victor of the 70th Hunger Games
Birthdate:Aug 3
Location:District Four, Panem
So that's who Finnick loves. Not his string of fancy lovers in the Capitol, but a poor, mad girl back home.

Annie Cresta has two main claims to fame. The first is that is that she's the Victor of the 70th Annual Hunger Games, which she won not by killing the competition but being able to tread water until the other children died. The second claim to fame is that she went mad in the arena, and in post-Games interview and Victory Tour she was so spectacularly unstable - even in contrast to other new Victors – that, aside from a disastrous attempt at mentoring the following year's tributes, she never stepped foot in the Capitol again.

Humiliation, Annie has long since figured, is a small price to pay to be left alone by the Capitol.

Annie Cresta is a small young woman with long, wavy/curly red hair, sea-green eyes, and a face more interesting than classically pretty. A native of District Four (a region in what is left of south Texas and Mexico), she has lived on and around boats her entire life, can swim like a fish, and has a pronounced and strange accent - the kind of accent, in fact, which happens if you live in a combined Texas and Mexico in the post-apocalyptic future. Somewhat shy with strangers, she can have issues concentrating and suffers from anxiety. Her reputation for being 'mad', though, is a deliberate exaggeration so she can escape the despotic Capitol's attention as much as she can.

Sixth Iteration: Annie arrives at the game after the announcement of the Third Quarter Quell, but before the Reaping.

Medietas: Annie arrives at the game just before Finnick and the Star Squad leave for the front. Unless otherwise mentioned, she's always wearing a brushed steel wedding ring on her left hand. She is also far more of a traumatized mess.


Disclaimer: Annie Cresta from the Hunger Games trilogy (with elements taken from the movies), and does not belong to me.
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